in this set I have collaborated on some of the poems with mr. c.s. pant. He chucked up his job with a multinational pharmaceutical company to concentrate on his painting - his brush with destiny of colours. he works with oil, water and acrylic and likes to paint landscape, still life and is adept at portraits. he read my poems and drew his interpretations. i particularly enjoyed the lively interaction i had with him since i am as good at painting as a blacksmith at making bread. i thank c.s. for his enthusiasm.

these poems have been written over the last 25 years and are about breaking heart, understanding loneliness, women ! and at a time when i was walking the tightrope of a corporate life and my inner yearnings.

wedged in my job as an investment banker references to stars, airports, aircrafts, time & newsweek are there because most of the poems were written on flights & at aerodromes and scribbled on boarding passes. literally living out of a suitcase i struggled to protect my real self hitching a ride on the raft of poetry; venting my feelings - seeking confirmation that i am. while the moody blues wrote 'thinking is the best way to travel' i am of the opinion that the best way to think is while travelling. travelling all alone - away from home, from possessions, from mooring ........




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