the 33rd woman

i have escaped from your atrophied dreams.
running away
from the mask
i wore for you.
the irrefutable lies i spun in your clear blue eyes
shut them to the outside.
blinded you by my charm.
buffeted by your breath i lived
inside you
outside of me.
then, i neutered your feelings
for reasons of living.
till your love stood monster,
barricading me
in its amoebic shadow.
suffocating me into your existence.
i can’t answer your simple questions in my devious way.
i have convinced myself to confuse your
smiles with wiles.
sickening interpretation of innocence.
i’am building your stake, stoking the fire
that you misunderstand
and adorn me as a martyr. your lover.
crucifying you for the world to watch.
n’ in my victory i shall draw you bare.
i used you cause you wanted to.
now i need another canvas of virgin emotions
but i cannot control the colours that hurt.