starlight my fairy                  

shine on lost lonely light.
i’ll be searching for you amongst
scattered neons on the earth face.
miles away untethered i fly
in a void that makes no sense.
figures all around that i don’t know.
each with their feelings.
connected by the whoosh of jets.

shine on lost lonely light.   star.gif (1954 bytes)
bright as a beacon in the black.
i’ll be homing unto you
to live a part of life i had forgotten,
that gives me a icy sensation chattering,
wondering if you’ll remember
that i walked your crowded streets alone.
and smitten i tried
to get away from you.

shine on lost lonely light.
will i ever hold you eternally,
cup you gently in my palms.
will you spill out my hands
and merge with the neon light.
or will i be settling under the friendly
blanket of your glow.
like a stranger on a dark deserted street.