welcome   to   this   night. 
the   crypt   of   dreams. 
snuggle  in  the  blanket  of  dark; 
comfortable  with  your  ghosts. 
waltz   with   death, 
hold   the   hands   of   your   fears. 
look  into  the  eyes  of  your  defeats. 
today  never  forgives
and tomorrow has never promised. 
don't fool yourself into living-
it   is   so   biological 
that   giving   it meaning   does   not   make
remember   the   skeleton   is dead -
but   forever,   and
the   living   flesh   commits
suicide   in   age. 
place   your   star   in   the   black. 
discovered   -   it   is   past; 
visible   it   is   neutered   yearning. 
come   to   this   range
with   me   at
the   intersection   of
living   and   the   cowardice.