languid feint

i wake up,
	in search of the dream
	that tormented me a moment ago.
was it silent?
i don't know.
	what did it say?
	i can't tell.
but it is there
but there's no relic of it now.
there was this bright
sunny day,
green roll of valleyed grass,       lazy clouds,
a cherubic stream,                        a reed breeze,
innocent flowers,                          self conscious birds,
lost butterflies,                               bored cows,
an eroded path,                             microcosmic army of ants,
				a window pane web,
				a menacing thorn,
n' no sign of life.
then something happened.
it went blank.
there wasn't even darkness around.
there wasn't anything at all.
what was it?
who did  it?
i wish i had the answer
but i know
it was there
it was.