the excitement yearns

i bruised your feelings
	and you started to bleed
		unstemmed love. 

i know
	i'am past the threshold
		of brash thoughts, 
			veiled emotions, 
				sexual advantage. 

all i wanted was
	the union of silence, 
		the scar of touch, 
			the glad of time
				to remember. 

but you sit on your fence
	of tender dreams n'
		send your mind burst
			of what could have been. 

share my vision of the
	elusive rolling
		crystal ball
and understand the defeat
		of worldly ties. 

fly away
	into the shimmer of the
		ripple into the
			universal ties
	of unrequited promises. 

i'll be there
	in the ethereal.		you can
	reminiscence in
		the forest of doubts for
if i had the answer
		we would not have met.