in that abyss of the unknown
	where the mind brushes the sub-conscious
	haunts a shadow
	of your misplaced suspicions. 
	shattered ghosts of fragile promises
	lie bleeding. 
	thoughts of yesterdays. 
	powerless dreams. 
	the fulcrum
	remains oblivious of the dark
	from the right. 
	ignorant of the axe from the elixir. 
	and troubled words
	spill onto the page confused, 
	finding their own meaning
	on the quivering lip of fear. 
	speak to the night. 
	hollow echoes of your touch
	fill cascading
	trails of surging memories. 
	i can feel you in the silence
	howling in my deaf sleep. 
	but the eye betrays the stoic
	as tears are buried 
			in the pillow.