blind in wonderland

i do not have eyes to see misery. 
		i'am contented with my dark isolated world. 
		that does not mean i'am faraway from you. 
it is			your silence that worries me, 
i know your pain
		when you sob those mute tears all alone. 
i can share your laughter
		but i can't 
			give you a smile. 
maybe you look like me. 
i don't know
		i have never seen myself. 
i'm a name without a face-
a feeling without expression-
		only the spirit to live
entrapped in a meaningless body. 
i'am happy
		my darkness is comfortable; 
		world, your lights have engulfed
an innocent child-woman bride. 
for the sparkle in your eyes
		you have denied the right
		to birth
		to a lovely woman. 
in the streets of amritsar. 

i'm separated from you
		by the foolish barrier
		of destructive religion. 
i can't 
		to speak to you. 
but can i, 
		take the liberty, 
			of imagining
				your dreams. 

				n' world you won't
		my invitation
to this
		peaceful world
			of blind eyes, 
				luckily screened from
your violent
			riot of colours.